Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trekking in Northern Laos

We did a day trek outside Luang Prabang today, and though the trekking itself wasn’t as scenic or as challenging as we would have liked, we were able to visit some local villages of ethic minorities, including the Khmu and Hmong people. In other countries we’ve visited, visits to villages have sometimes been less than authentic, set up with traditional clothing, songs and dances, and souvenir stalls to sell wares to tourists. These villages, however, felt like the “real deal” with the villagers going about their daily lives during our visit. The village children were shy but curious about the strange-looking visitors and loved seeing their pictures on our digital camera. We could have taken photos of the adorable children all day, but tried to restrain ourselves. Take a look below.

Also, check out the amazing photos from a gallery we came across in Luang Prabang named Big Tree Gallery. Some of their portraits and photos of village life were just captivating so we had to share.


  1. Very cool dude, I cannot wait until you get to share your next input. You share awesome information!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully we'll get an opportunity to visit Laos again soon. How did you find our blog?