Monday, February 22, 2010

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

We climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge today and were blown away by the stunning views of the city, the harbour, the opera house, and the sunset over the distant mountains. The Bridge Climb is a 3-hour journey to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (the largest and widest single-span steel arch bridge in the world) that took us along the outer arch of the bridge on catwalks and ladders all the way to the "summit." We climbed at twilight, and the city sky at dusk was truly breathtaking. They don't allow you to take your own camera so we had to settle for the three photos they took of us, but we did get to suit up in their specially designed BridgeClimb jumpsuits and get strapped in with a latch and slider attached to a static line to ensure we didn't fall (or decide to jump) off the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge should start something like this!





  1. Guys! Great blog!

    Been wanting to ask you how did you guys afford this trip? As most of the round the world trips involve a backpackers budget (of all the blogs I've come across). First time I'm seeing someone travel and live luxuriously and I like it a lot. Was this something you specifically planned years ago and saved for? Was it easy to just drop your jobs? (especially when everyone around is clinging onto their jobs during recession?)

    How many months of planning did you put into this trip? Why did you select all the countries you did? I'm assuming travel adventure was your main priority? Why isnt any destination in Europe or Central Asia or Central Africa on you list?

    And lastly, how do you stay fit with all the yummy food around? Has exercise been part of your travel routine, other than all the hikes, treks, climbs etc..

    Too many questions, I know. lol

  2. Also, what Camera did you carry while travel? The images are brilliant and I'm guessing a DSLR with additional lenses but the practicality of lugging it around makes me think otherwise?