Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and I’m bummed not to be in the U.S. for it. The game is not on TV in Vietnam and I was too lazy to hunt for a sports bar at 6am so I’m settling for hourly updates on CNN. I’ve actually been missing the States more this past month than previously and I think it’s all related to the NFL Playoffs. Our trip coincided almost perfectly with the season – we left on September 7 a few days before regular season started and now the season is over and we return in a few weeks. It’s weird...I’m not sure whether I feel like I missed something or nothing at all...definitely saved a large amount of time that would have been spent talking football and watching it on TV. Regardless, Kruti and I were talking about it this morning and we’re getting ready (if not excited) to come home (wherever that may be). It’s been an adventure...we’ve explored many new places and met loads of fascinating people doing remarkable things. Most importantly, we’ve been fully engaged in most of our moments over the past five months. Time to get energized for the last few weeks. Go Saints!

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