Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saved by a helmet

My cousin Ashish was in a motorcycle accident last night on his way home from the movie. We received a call from the hospital at 3am instructing us to get there immediately. It was terrifying. Hate to receive calls like that. When we arrived they were doing a CT scan of his brain. We spent the entire night and all day at the hospital, and 24 hours later the doctor was able to declare with confidence that Ashish was going to be OK. Luckily he was wearing his helmet because the doc said it's unlikely he could have survived otherwise. It was a frightening reminder of how dangerous the roads in India can be, particularly on a motorcycle. Thank God Ashish is OK.

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  1. After the accident everybody told me that I was lucky but I am actually more than lucky to have such a great family.
    This has been the craziest moment in life... I never believed I would be the one in the situation that I was.
    The human body has magical way of healing itself. I was 23 —in my prime — when the accident happened, and maybe that’s why the healing process was much faster for me.
    Everyday someone or the other will ask
    "Why the hell you bought the bike and that too in Mumbai"....
    but to be very sincere autos were expensive and inconvenient at times and also I was the adventurous ,live your life to the fullest kinda guy..Not any more
    I would like to thank you both for taking such a good care of me. It’s important to have your family around when you’re in such pain - they may not be able to take away the pain, but the comfort that only they can provide is very essential.