Friday, December 25, 2009

Bombay Christmas with family and friends

Spent Christmas Day with family and friends in Bombay. Visited Ashish in the hospital in the morning, then had lunch with cousins Mahesh and Anuj, Anuj's wife Priti, and their baby girl Anvi at Elco Pani Puri Center, famous for the best pani puri in Bombay. Delicious. We liked it so much that it was our second day in a row eating there.

Spent the evening playing with our baby nephew Somil, then playing some Bingo with the kids, and having dinner at our cousin Ritu's home. There's a great photo of our niece Saumya, who loves donuts so much and even though she's nine years old she gets all messy with chocolate all over her face as if she were three.

Spent the rest of the night with my cousin Tina, Kruti's cousins Manisha and Vinay, and a bunch of friends on a "Christmas pub crawl" organized by our friend Malini. Finished the night eating late night chicken and paneer rolls at the roadside restaurant Bademiya. Great day. Merry Christmas.

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