Monday, November 23, 2009

Jaisalmer, the Golden City

I've been to Rajasthan many times and have always wanted to visit Jaisalmer but had never been. It lies in the heart of the Thar Desert and the entire town is built of yellow sandstone which gives the city a honey-gold color. The town is crowned by Jaisalmer Fort, a "living" fort with palaces, temples, houses and havelis and a quarter of the city's population still living inside the fort. Jaisalmer is surrounded by quintessential desert - remote, desolate, stark, austere beauty. We took two camel safaris over the desert dunes, the first at sunset and the second the next morning at sunrise. Kruti absolutely loved her first camel ride and I enjoyed it too but I will say that riding a camel is not very comfortable. See the photos of Kruti dismounting.

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