Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The culture of food in Jodhpur

I love the culture of food in Jodhpur. Daily life centers on food and meals more than any other place I've been. Everyone loves to eat, and to talk about what to eat next.

People also take great pleasure in feeding others. There’s a custom in Jodhpur called manvar, in which a host essentially force feeds a guest by hand, usually sweets, in large quantities, particularly at weddings and other special occasions. I love the custom, especially when I’m the one feeding others!

I think the most unique aspect of the food culture in Jodhpur is that people start their meals with sweets. I don’t know another place where dessert comes first. I'm not even sure why dessert comes last everywhere else, except perhaps because people like to "save the best for last." When I asked my relatives, they made the point, why save the best for last when you can have it first? I like it.

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