Sunday, November 8, 2009

Egypt: Tourists, Giants, and Dominoes

Egypt’s massive tourism industry makes having a unique travel experience there a bit difficult. We only had ten days so a fully guided tour was the only realistic option to see all of the historic sites scattered across the length of the country, yet guided tours leach much of the charm and serendipity from a trip. I also prefer the trekking, climbing, scuba, cycling, adventure travel more than the type of sightseeing we did in Egypt where a tour guide drove us in a van from temple to temple and tomb to tomb.

That said, Egypt’s history is fascinating and the scale of its monuments is absolutely magnificent. The structures are so enormous that they look like something left behind by a race of giants.

It was also super fun that Kruti’s sister Priti and our friends Neeta & Amar took vacation and joined us for the week. Amar and Neeta taught us how to play dominoes and we quickly became addicted and spent the last couple evenings on our Nile cruise playing dominoes on the deck of the ship. Who would have guessed? Kruti and I even bought our own set at the Aswan market for the rest of the trip!

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